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Bead embroidery kit Stranger Size: 12.2"×19.7" (31×50 cm)

Bead embroidery kit Stranger Size: 12.2"×19.7" (31×50 cm)

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A beautiful and effective bead embroidery kit Stranger comes with a wonderful embroidery pattern, making it perfect for a pleasant needlework project or as an exquisite gift for a loved one.

Size: 12.2"×19.7" (31×50 cm)
Weight: 0.35 kg
Material: natural art canvas, beads

The kit includes:
- natural art canvas with a drawing scheme
- all the necessary Preciosa beads (Czech Republic) - 11911 units
- number of colors - 27
- pearl needles
- detailed step-by-step instruction in English
- the kit is additionally completed with a micro-bead (PRECIOSA № 13), a needle for sewing on a micro-bead, decorative elements (stones, beads, sequins).

Please note that the beading kit does not include any frame or threads, so you will need to choose those to your taste!

Before you start, you can stretch the patterned fabric (canvas) on a wooden frame using thumb tacks. You can also embroider on rectangular hoops or hold the embroidery pattern from the kit in your hands. If the hoops are large, the canvas can be "grown" by marking additional strips of fabric at the edges, depending on the canvas you choose. It is better to embroider with nylon or cotton threads, and you can use 100% PE, white or beige in a single thread.

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